Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Oh September!

I'm such a naughty blogger! I said I started a blog and then just left you hanging like I tied you up and went for ice cream and forgot. Oops!
Anyways. I have been a very busy boy this September!

I celebrated my 23rd birthday riding a carousel, and got asked to leave after this happened:

More importantly, I shot a lot of scenes!
First was for Heavenly Spire a really rad new project by Shine Louise Houston of Pink & White productions

Then shot for Courtney Trouble and Tina Horn's new project QueerPorn TV with WOLF HUDSON! More about that when the site launches, but I will say it was a blast and Wolf is a super talented stud. Here's a sneak peek from the QueerPornTV blog:

And another shoot for Good Dyke Porn! I got to meet Essin Em and get banged by the inimitably sexy Tina Horn.

I also went to Folsom in my new chest harness feeling lucky to be alive:

Hopefully I'll be better about updating in the future, but I might need some "help" stayin in line if you know what I mean...


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