Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Interview with Bren Ryder about Transguys on Good Dyke Porn!

Recently my good friend Deluxx and I created some clips for sale for Good Dyke Porn!
Here's an interview from Bren Ryder about being a trans guy and my feelings about being included in queer and "dyke porn"

You can see the full interview with links to the clips at:

What made you want to do porn? And what made you want to submit to Good Dyke Porn™?

When I first came out as trans, I saw very few examples of trans men being portrayed as hot, sexual beings. I wanted to do porn not only because I enjoy turning people on, but also because I wanted to be a part of creating what I wasn’t seeing. I wanted to show an example of hot, queer transsexual men enjoying their bodies in many ways with a variety of partners. It’s just added incentive that I’m an exhibitionist and really get off on being watched and having others enjoy my body and the way I fuck as much as I do.

The clips that are on Good Dyke Porn were originally an experiment Deluxx Dash and I created for another site. That was fun but I think they’re much better suited to this site and hope that they’re reaching a much more queer audience who will enjoy the clips as much as Deluxx and I enjoyed making them!

2. Knowing that GDP is inclusive of a variety of queer representations of gender and sexuality, as an FtM guy how do you feel about being a part of “dyke porn”?

Many trans guys have very complicated relationships to dyke culture and community. There’s often a lumping of transsexual men in with dyke and queer that can be problematic, especially when trans women are often simultaneously excluded.

Many trans men don’t have any connection with terms like dyke or queer and that should be respected, while many others do feel strong ties to those communities. Having a trans history doesn’t make someone queer and I think it’s important to make a distinction between gender and sexuality. Sometimes dykes and queer women hook up with or fall for men, whether they are cis or trans. That doesn’t make or break an identity and I personally think it’s pretty hot when it happens and should be celebrated and talked about more openly.

Speaking for myself I’m a queer transsexual man who doesn’t identify as a dyke. I really love that I can turn on all kinds of people, including dykes, and I’m excited to be a part of a site that celebrates so many bodies and identities.

3. What is your vision of the future of dyke/trans/queer porn?

I believe right now we are in the midst of a queer porn renaissance. It’s a really exciting time to be able to be in porn. I think more space is opening up for people with different bodies and sexualities and I’m looking forward to what comes of it. I think the porn industry has been in great need of something new and interesting and I love that more straight people are getting exposed to different kinds of sex they wouldn’t have a way to access otherwise. I think everyone benefits from knowing more about strap ons and fisting and squirting!

I realize that porn is a lot about fantasy and is often an intentional performance, but I would love to see more people’s fantasies including trans and fat and many other kinds of bodies that are so often devalued.

We are all so much more than the sum of our parts.

4. How do you think trans bodies should be portrayed in pornographic media?

I can’t really say how other people’s trans bodies should be portrayed. But I will say at this point in time I’ve found its rare to see trans male bodies outside of Buck Angel and much more recently in queer porn. So my short answer is I want MORE! I and many other trans male folks want to see older guys, guys who forgo hormones and/or surgery, genderqueers and men of color, to name a few examples. I have friends who are trans women who do porn and have varied and complicated feelings regarding trans representation in porn. Many identify as and love reclaiming terms like shemale and tranny while others find that language too oppressive.

I would like to see more porn about trans people created and produced by trans people, where the focus is less on unrealistic expectations of trans bodies and more on authentic representations of trans sexuality and desire.

5. Looking back on scenes you’ve done in the past, how do you feel about having your changing physical body captured on film?

The clips that are on Good Dyke Porn are from before I had chest surgery, and showing my body in this way was something I gave a lot of thought to before deciding I wanted to pursue porn. Ultimately I came to the conclusion that I have a rare and amazing opportunity to be able to document my body this way. I’ve taken photos and recorded my voice as I’ve seen many other trans guys do. But I think it’s really special to be able to watch the way I enjoy my body, the way it translates desire, and the way it moves and changes over time. I also like being part of documenting trans men enjoying their bodies without surgery, which is something I rarely if ever saw and would’ve found invaluable earlier on in my transition. Everyone’s process, feelings and comfort about their body is different, (whether you’re trans or not) but I don’t think there is enough porn out there that shows that trans people are capable of being hot and having really dirty and validating sex without surgery or hormones.

6. What else would you like to say about trans porn representation in general?

I really wanted to share some examples of rad people and companies producing porn by and for trans people. Tobi Hill-Myer with Doing it Ourselves: The Trans Women Porn Project, Mandy Mitchell, Courtney Trouble, CrashPadSeries.com, and two new projectswww.heavenlyspire.com and www.darkhorsetheaters.com/pointofcontact by Shine the creator of Crashpad, Trannywood and their new project Dolores Park Studios. I’ve fortunately gotten a chance to work with almost all of them, so if you want to see even more of my slutty, pervy, porny adventures you’ll know where to look! You can also follow me on twitter at www.twitter.com/jamesdarlingxxx to see what else I’m up to.

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