Saturday, January 29, 2011

Evergreen Porn Week!

I just got back from a trip up to Olympia, WA to speak at Evergreen College! Juliette March organized an entire week devoted to queer visibility and sex positivity in porn!
We had quite an assembly of queer porn folks: Courtney Trouble, Tina Horn, Mickey Mod, Sophia St. James, Tobi Hill-Meyer, & Juliette March of course. I met a new queer porn performer Rose and caught a brief glimpse of Maya Mayhem too. Babes galore!

As can be expected there was certainly some debauchery on this trip. I think Jiz Lee might even have a video laying around of me giving some road head to Tina Horn, but who knows. I got involved in plenty of pervy video-worthy things that week.

I did a presentation on negotiating sex with trans partners. This was my first time putting on a workshop by myself and it was live streamed via Queer Porn TV and Skin Video which was pretty rad because all sorts of viewers from around the world come participate in our workshops and ask questions from anywhere!
I ran through the material I had prepared a little too quickly and decided to do a safer sex demonstration with some of the extra time. I have heard about how to make a safer sex barrier for oral sex on a trans guy with a testosterone enhanced dick out of a glove, but I've never actually seen someone do it in front of me. So I had miss Juliette March come and assist me with a live streamed safer sex blowjob. My life is pretty awesome I have to say. I hope other folks enjoyed that as much as I did and also took home some useful and hot information.
Jiz Lee did a workshop on impact play that ended in a phenomenal live fisting demonstration that will continue to haunt my fantasies for years to come. Sophia St. James did an excellent workshop on Strap Ons and Owning Your Cock, and I cannot get over that gorgeous custom Aslan Leather Minx harness with the pink rhinestones. It really doesn't get more hot than fierce femmes with cocks folks!
Tina Horn did a very well attended and thought provoking workshop on Communication and Dirty Talk. If you've never been to a Tina Horn workshop you are seriously missing out. She's a great presenter and of course you may find yourself zoning out on her legendary ass.
Courtney screened Bordello, which I was bummed to miss out on the SF screening while I was recovering from surgery this past summer. It was pretty rad to get to see me and my friends on a big screen like that and watch a bunch of college students squirm in their seats attempting to hide their boners. I hope more colleges screen hot gorgeously shot indie queer porn. And I hope those Evergreen students went to their dorm rooms after and had some really amazing orgasms, or at least explored some new sexy queer possibilities.

Wednesday I was part of a massive panel on queer visibility in porn. Really excellent questions and responses. I'm honored to have been included on a panel of such articulate, talented and inspiring people. Now I'm all crushed out.

Other highlights of my stay in Olympia was the goth bar of my angsty high school dreams "Cryptotopia" and eating an enormous plate of chili cheese covered tater tots. Yes ma'am. And some very very cute local boys. I have no game though, sadly. Most socially awkward porn performer ever.

And if you ever want me to come speak at your school or event, please email me at I really enjoy talking to people about trans folks, sex, porn, and lot's of other things.