Saturday, February 5, 2011


Pink and White released a new Crashpad Series Volume 6: Wide Open! I'm in it along with an absolutely stellar lineup.
It's the first porn scene I ever shot, with none other than the very studly Cyd Loverboy! Cyd takes my porn virginity with lot's of cocksucking, some rope bondage, jockstraps, and two of my very favorite kinks: boot worship and knife play!

You can find it through Good Vibrations or other sex positive indie/queer/feminist porn suppliers!

I also recently did a super hot scene with my girlfriend Arabelle Raphael! If you haven't checked out you are seriously missing out on a queer porn goldmine.
Arabelle is stunning and I can't get enough of her gorgeous ass or hands inside me. I come over to get some after school tutoring in French but Arabelle has something else in mind. I'm terrible at French but I get to show her how much better I can be at other things. It was a lesson I'll never forget, to say the least ;)

Made of Words did an amazing review of my scene with Arabelle and many other Crashpad episodes. Totally check it out, Made of Words is my newest favorite super smart and sexy blog.


Saturday, January 29, 2011

Evergreen Porn Week!

I just got back from a trip up to Olympia, WA to speak at Evergreen College! Juliette March organized an entire week devoted to queer visibility and sex positivity in porn!
We had quite an assembly of queer porn folks: Courtney Trouble, Tina Horn, Mickey Mod, Sophia St. James, Tobi Hill-Meyer, & Juliette March of course. I met a new queer porn performer Rose and caught a brief glimpse of Maya Mayhem too. Babes galore!

As can be expected there was certainly some debauchery on this trip. I think Jiz Lee might even have a video laying around of me giving some road head to Tina Horn, but who knows. I got involved in plenty of pervy video-worthy things that week.

I did a presentation on negotiating sex with trans partners. This was my first time putting on a workshop by myself and it was live streamed via Queer Porn TV and Skin Video which was pretty rad because all sorts of viewers from around the world come participate in our workshops and ask questions from anywhere!
I ran through the material I had prepared a little too quickly and decided to do a safer sex demonstration with some of the extra time. I have heard about how to make a safer sex barrier for oral sex on a trans guy with a testosterone enhanced dick out of a glove, but I've never actually seen someone do it in front of me. So I had miss Juliette March come and assist me with a live streamed safer sex blowjob. My life is pretty awesome I have to say. I hope other folks enjoyed that as much as I did and also took home some useful and hot information.
Jiz Lee did a workshop on impact play that ended in a phenomenal live fisting demonstration that will continue to haunt my fantasies for years to come. Sophia St. James did an excellent workshop on Strap Ons and Owning Your Cock, and I cannot get over that gorgeous custom Aslan Leather Minx harness with the pink rhinestones. It really doesn't get more hot than fierce femmes with cocks folks!
Tina Horn did a very well attended and thought provoking workshop on Communication and Dirty Talk. If you've never been to a Tina Horn workshop you are seriously missing out. She's a great presenter and of course you may find yourself zoning out on her legendary ass.
Courtney screened Bordello, which I was bummed to miss out on the SF screening while I was recovering from surgery this past summer. It was pretty rad to get to see me and my friends on a big screen like that and watch a bunch of college students squirm in their seats attempting to hide their boners. I hope more colleges screen hot gorgeously shot indie queer porn. And I hope those Evergreen students went to their dorm rooms after and had some really amazing orgasms, or at least explored some new sexy queer possibilities.

Wednesday I was part of a massive panel on queer visibility in porn. Really excellent questions and responses. I'm honored to have been included on a panel of such articulate, talented and inspiring people. Now I'm all crushed out.

Other highlights of my stay in Olympia was the goth bar of my angsty high school dreams "Cryptotopia" and eating an enormous plate of chili cheese covered tater tots. Yes ma'am. And some very very cute local boys. I have no game though, sadly. Most socially awkward porn performer ever.

And if you ever want me to come speak at your school or event, please email me at I really enjoy talking to people about trans folks, sex, porn, and lot's of other things.


Monday, December 27, 2010

Queer Porn TV & Good Dyke Porn

Speaking of HOT QUEER SEX, have you checked out Queer Porn TV? It's a new project by Courtney Trouble and Tina Horn!
They launched in November and there is an incredible shoot of me with none other than the king of kink WOLF HUDSON!
Here's the trailer for my shoot with Wolf

He is such a dreamy stud. I feel like the luckiest trans boy in the world ;)

You know what else is cool about Queer Porn TV? They also have a free tube site called "QTube" to share your own homemade porn! Free queer sex! So cool. I love the idea of being perved out on by a queer gaze. I might post something filthy there myself in the near future. Keep an eye out!

I also made an appearance at Good Dyke Porn again! This time with Tina Horn. She seduces poor innocent me and then spanks and fucks me silly. Totally cute and sexy. Tina has the kind of ass that spurs legends and is consequently a fierce spanking aficionado. Best ass beating of my life! See parts 1 & 2 here:


Wednesday, December 22, 2010

2010 Sex Performer of the Year

I won Sex Performer of the Year for the Community Awards!
Thank you all so much for voting! I'm really blown away by the amount of support from my friends and fans.
Congratulations to all the winners! My friend Amos Mac of Original Plumbing won Best Business. Check it Out Guys won Best Campaign, The Cliks won best Music Group, postgender won Best YouTube Channel, won Best Resource Site, Tranifesto won Best Blog!
And my former mentor figure and community hero Dr. Maxwell Anderson won the Phoenix Award for Outstanding Achievement.

2010 has been a trip, I never thought I'd have so many adventures and meet so many incredible people. I'm really honored to be recognized this way. Best of 2010
And here's the quote from me they put on the site:

"I think it’s really important we take time to recognize the contributions people are making in our community. I’m thrilled so many came out to vote and support me! Thanks to trailblazers like Buck Angel, space is being made for other trans men like Billy Castro and myself in the porn industry. Porn is changing and the queer revolution is happening. More positive, hot representations of transsexual men are being produced than ever before and I’m honored to be a part of it. Please check out and support the independent queer productions I work for so that more hot porn featuring trans men can continue being made and turning you on! xo James Darling"

and that stripping video I promised? See if you can guess who all was involved in this special birthday stripshow...

This year has been life changing, I don't even know where to begin. I had top surgery and my chest healed wonderfully. I reached 2 years on hormones. I had my heart broken and had incredible adventures with my friends across the country and all up and down the west coast. I did more than 20 porn scenes. I learned to use twitter. Still figuring out this blog thing and tumblr and all that jazz.

I hope you all have survived this holiday season and are looking forward to a new year. I'm looking forward to more growth, more adventures to share with you and hot dirty QUEER SEX!


Monday, November 22, 2010

TransGuys Community Awards

I just found out that I'm nominated for the Transguys Community Awards. I'm very flattered to be included!
TransGuys is a web resource and magazines for trans male folks.

My friend Amos Mac of Original Plumbing fame is nominated for several categories.
Also Athens Boy's Choir, Katastrophe and many rad organizations like Check it Out Guys and PRIMED.
Dr. Maxwell Anderson is nominated for the Phoenix Award for Outstanding Achievement. He touched so many lives and made being a trans person in the South a lot easier through his work in addressing healthcare needs. He passed away this year of brain cancer.

Here are the different categories:

Best Blog
Best YouTube Channel
Best Resource Website
Best Action Campaign
Best Business
Musician or Music Group of the Year
Sex Performer of the Year
Phoenix Award for Outstanding Achievement

I'm nominated along with Buck Angel and Billy Castro, two very fine and talented FTM performers. Wish I could be in the middle of that sexy sandwich!

Please vote! You can vote once a day every day until December 10th! If I win maybe I'll make a special video post of me stripping as a treat to my fans.

VOTE for the TransGuys Community Awards!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Jiz Lee's Dirty Thirty!

I am so excited to be a part of Jiz Lee's 30 person 30th birthday gang bang! It's going to be live streaming from the Crashpad, available only to level 3 members. If you haven't signed up already, do it! $35/month to see a whole lot of hot queers banging is a pretty sweet deal.

From the press release: "Hosted by birthday boi Jiz Lee, party guests include the site’s favorite models and Jiz’s friends:Princess Donna, Arabelle Raphael, Mickey Mod, Billy Castro, Sophia St. James, Maxine Holloway, Maya Mayhem, Tobi Hill-Meyer, Briar, Wilder, Wings, Micah Riot, Juliette Stray, 9, James Darling, Cyd Loverboy, Leo, Ash, Chase, Bella Rossi, Marlo Davis, Vid Tuesday, Chocolate Chip, Vai, Cinnamon, Brooklyn Flaco, Nenna, Tucker Saxon, Jobe the Fallen, Stealth Machine, Tina Hornand Roger Wood and many many many more."

It's this Saturday October 30th from 3-5pm pacific time.
I wanna fuck everyone!

You can read more about it on Jiz Lee's blog!

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Oh September!

I'm such a naughty blogger! I said I started a blog and then just left you hanging like I tied you up and went for ice cream and forgot. Oops!
Anyways. I have been a very busy boy this September!

I celebrated my 23rd birthday riding a carousel, and got asked to leave after this happened:

More importantly, I shot a lot of scenes!
First was for Heavenly Spire a really rad new project by Shine Louise Houston of Pink & White productions

Then shot for Courtney Trouble and Tina Horn's new project QueerPorn TV with WOLF HUDSON! More about that when the site launches, but I will say it was a blast and Wolf is a super talented stud. Here's a sneak peek from the QueerPornTV blog:

And another shoot for Good Dyke Porn! I got to meet Essin Em and get banged by the inimitably sexy Tina Horn.

I also went to Folsom in my new chest harness feeling lucky to be alive:

Hopefully I'll be better about updating in the future, but I might need some "help" stayin in line if you know what I mean...